Monday, March 29, 2010

More Updating

These are a pair of folded sterling silver earrings, one out of a few pairs I'm making for the upcoming Art Unleashed show at University of the Arts. This pair is actually complete, with black patina and gold leaf, but my camera is dead right now so we will have to content ourselves with this in-progress picture at the moment.

This is a page out of my sketchbook - one of many dealing with that enormous citrine. In the end, that stone is getting incorporated into my next brooch, a queen bee.

Again, it is much further along than this - this photo was taken last week. The carving is actually complete and is much more nuanced. Right now I'm working on setting the eyes and constructing the wings. I might also see about putting this one in the Art Unleashed show, if it is completed in time.

More photos to come, once my camera is working!


Casey Sharpe said...

Very exciting! Can't wait to see that queen bee...

Mallory Weston said...

Ooh La la!!! Awesome! We should go to the opening together in Philly for ArtUnleashed! Please!