Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Show is up in Princeton!

My show is up at Small World Nassau in Princeton and looking awesome. Thanks so much to SWC for hosting me, and to my dad for making the fantastic displays.

My camera is on the fritz right now, so I don't have the best photos, but I took a few with my cell phone and my boyfriend's awesome dad, Chuck Miley, got a few photos as well. (He's a book artist from Maplewood, NJ and makes fantastic pop-up and tunnel books! Check him out!) I'll be popping by to get a more complete picture of the spread for everyone.

In other news, the bee from the last in progress photo, "The Fall", was in the Art Unleashed show at The University of the Arts. It sold (awesome!) before I could get any finished photos of it. (less awesome.) I'm going to try and get in touch with the buyer to see if she might loan it back to me for a photo shoot. According to the people who met her, she is really gorgeous, so maybe I'll just have her model it for me!

Hive Queen, in progress:

Bailey corkin' out on the floor of my studio. I don't know how he slept with all of the Yacht Rock, Madonna, and Chromeo blasting from my speakers.

The finished object. I had to curve the wings a bit to fit the bee into the display (it was a little shallow) so the positioning will be a little different once the show is over.

You may notice the wings look rather familiar - they were scavenged from an old piece which was accidentally dropped by one of my professors. A happy accident - the wings were the best part of the old piece, which I wasn't pleased with. This incarnation is much better.

In this show, you will see some old favorites...

One or two REALLY old favorites...

...and a LOT of new production work! (more photos to come!)

Please stop on by!

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MJK said...

EMI! They are beautiful!!!!!! I wish I could see them in person! How long will they be up?? I think the speckled rings are my fav, def reminds me of an Emily creation :)