Sunday, November 6, 2011

And now, the big news...

I've been invited to display work with a group of other University of the Arts Crafts Alumni at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show!! This show takes place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia and is really huge.

I am very excited to have this opportunity and have been working like crazy to bring you folks some fresh, awesome work. Please, please come see me at the PMA Craft Show!

The PMA Craft show is next week, November 10th - 13th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. You can come and see exciting work from talented artists of all media.

Information here:

I should be there for most of the show, but let me know if and when you'll be attending, and I will make sure I'm at the booth to greet you!

A quick teaser...

photo by Ken Yanoviak

("Hive Queen", above. Is she looking a little different?
I'll spill the beans on her facelift in the next post!)

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