Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Studio-In-Progress

Mallory wrote in her blog that "New Jersey = Purgatory". I moved back home with my parents this weekend, and I'm fighting against that ennui that comes after finishing a busy semester and trying to keep the momentum up.

This is where my new studio will be. It doesn't look like much now, but this is after I cleared piles of plumbing debris away, swept up, and scrubbed the walls. Tomorrow I'm going to masonry etch the concrete to get it ready for painting. Once it is painted, I can set up my new bench (!!!) and all of my tools and GET WORKING! My fingers are itching already.

This is my new bench! It's not technically a jeweler's bench - it's a lab table that my dad got from a job he finished in New Brunswick. Still, the whole thing is fire-resistant, it's really sturdy, and it looks really sharp. The only problem I anticipate is not having a bench pan to catch my filings, but I might ghetto-rig something up.

I can't stress enough how hard I am trying to keep working at jewelry. I'm trying to do one studio-related chore a day, and so far I have gotten a lot done. Looking at everyone's blog updates keeps me really motivated - it makes me want to work when I see that other people are working too.

This Friday - Crafts Exhibition at the DCCA! (Congrats to Maricha for having her piece featured on the website!)


Maricha said...

oh man... now i feel bad because i've done nothing.

emi savacool said...

you have stuff lined up for the summer! you're in "rest mode" right now.

Mallory Weston said...

Looks good Emi! I can't wait to see everything once you're all set up!

rogersc said...

lookin' good!